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Cambodia Visa Photo Requirements

Before traveling to Cambodia, you must first obtain a Cambodia visa, or if you are up to it, get a Cambodia visa on arrival. However, these days, it is best to have the visa before your trip to save you a lot of stress with immigration.

You can apply online for a Cambodia visa through cambodiavisaonline.org and get your visa processed within four days. Before applying online for Cambodia visa, there are some Cambodia visa photo requirements you must know about.

Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Cambodia

Visa Photo Specifications

  • Image of Self and Passport Image will need to be uploaded.
  • Photo can be either colored or black and white. The head's position in the photo should be at the center and squared.
  • Make sure the background is white or off-white, and your mouth is closed. Look straight at the camera with your eyes wide open. If you wear prescribed glasses, make sure your eyes are visible in the photo.
  • You should not wear headgear, except it is for religious or medical reasons.
  • To satisfy Cambodia visa photo requirements, the photo should be less than or equal to 10mb. All dimensions are accepted as we will do the re-sizing on our end. All formats accepted (JPEG, PNG, PDF, etc)

If you are applying online for Cambodia visa through cambodiavisaonline.org, you should know that all photo formats are accepted for upload. Also, before processing your visa, an agent will review the photo you uploaded to be sure that it meets all of Cambodia visa photo requirements. Your visa, if approved, will be sent to you via email.

More Guidelines for Cambodia Visa Photo 

These guidelines should be followed when applying online for Cambodia visa;

  • Following the guidelines while applying online for Cambodia visa is important as a wrong photo can be rejected.
  • The photo can be colored or black and white as long as it highlights all your facial features.
  • Keep your mouth closed in the photo. It makes sense to smile, but your teeth should not show.
  • Do not wear hairpieces, large pieces of jewelry, or hats. If you wear headgear for medical or religious reasons, wear it in a way that it does not cover your face. You should still be recognizable in your headgear.
  • If you have long hair, it should not cast shadows on your face. Sweep them to the back of your head behind your ears.
  • You should not wear sunglasses or tinted glasses. You are allowed to leave your prescription glasses on as long as your eyes are visible through the glass.
  • Make sure the flash from the camera is not directed to your eyes to prevent any red glare in your eyes in the photo. The flash should also not reflect on the background.
  • Keep the lighting moderate. It should reflect your natural skin tone.
  • Do not wear a white shirt so that it does not blend too much with the white background.

By following these guidelines, your visa application should go through easily. Also, applying online for Cambodia visa through natvisa.com can make things go easier.

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