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Cambodia Visa for US Citizens

If you are a U.S. citizen who wants to visit Cambodia, then you will need a visa for your trip to the country. To help ease the learning and application process, here is the information you need regarding Cambodia visa for US citizens. Knowing about these details would help you apply for your Cambodia visa online without any hassles.

Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Cambodia

Cambodia Visa Validity for Americans 

The first and foremost point to learn about is the validity of the visa. Thanks to amiable diplomatic relations, US citizens can get a Cambodia visa easily if they know the process.

After you apply and obtain your visa as a US citizen, you can get up to one month's stay as a tourist or businessperson. Overstays can lead you to be costs as high as $10 per day. Excessive overstays can lead to detention and deportation.

The key here is to understand that your passport needs to remain valid six months after the date of entry into Cambodia. If your passport doesn't meet this requirement, then it can hinder your visa application process.

Vaccination Requirements for US Citizens 

You do not need to have any mandatory vaccination shots to get your visa application processed. But this requirement applies if you plan to visit the deep forests. If you do plan to visit the deep forests, then make sure that you inform the authorities of your intentions. This would let them inform you of any vaccination shots that are required.

Visa Process - Step by Step 

The Embassy of Cambodia allows you to apply for a Cambodia visa online. But one must meet a few requirements first.

Firstly, you need to fill out the visa application form. Keep the reported information completely accurate to have your visa processed without any issues.

You would also need to have two passport sized photographs available with you. These are to be used with the visa application form. With this, you are also required to have a passport that is valid through six months upon your date of entry into Cambodia.

Details The Application Process and VOA

The visa application takes around 2-4 days to process. Once the Cambodia Visa is approved, document will be sent to the applicant via email as a .pdf file. You can also apply for the Cambodia visa by visiting the Embassy of Cambodia in Washington D.C.

Another method to apply for Cambodia visa for US citizens is at any Cambodian airport. The fee remains the same. You will still need to meet the requirements for your photographs and passport. But given the intricacy of the process, most people still opt to apply for their visa online. This is so they are not turned away and must divert their trip in an abrupt manner.

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