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Why Colombia is a Popular Travel Destination Right Now

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Colombia is becoming more and more popular as a travel destination for tourists. There are a number of reasons why this is true.

Travelers looking for new or up-and-coming destinations would do well to consider Colombia and add it to their next itinerary.

Not convinced? Here are the top 10 reasons to travel to Colombia soon.

Practical Entry Requirements

Colombia does not have strenuous entry requirements, unlike some other countries. These are subject to change as the COVID-19 situation develops and changes.

Travelers will need to check to see what Colombia’s entry requirements are before they leave. That way, they can get the necessary testing and documentation to enter the country easily.

Colombia does require all travelers to complete their Check-MIG form before they enter the country. This allows the government to contact them if necessary.

In addition, they may require a vaccine card or a negative COVID-19 test, depending on the current state of the pandemic. These requirements will be easy to find and comply with.

Minimal Restrictions

Colombia does not have a lot of COVID-19 restrictions in place. While these are always subject to change based on current events, it is true as of the writing of this piece.

Fewer restrictions means that moving around Colombia is easier than moving around other countries. While travelers still have to wear face masks, most cities are completely open.

The lack of restrictions means that tourists should be able to do and see the things they want to do and see in Colombia. Attractions shouldn’t be closed and tours will continue as usual.

The Civil War is Over

For many years, Colombia was considered a dangerous place to visit because the country was in the middle of an ongoing civil war.

Now that the war is over, though, it is much safer. Tourists can feel confident that they will not experience violence in Colombia or have to change their itinerary because of fighting. 

Because tourist travel was mostly off-limits because of the war, travelers may get to see things that few tourists have ever seen.

Colombia has so much to offer, and the world is only beginning to find out exactly what it has been missing for so many years.

No Visa Needed

Most travelers will not need a visa in order to enter Colombia.

As long as a traveler is from a country that does not need a visa, they can enter and leave Colombia at will. This makes travel to Colombia simpler and easier than visiting other places. 

Note that travelers will still need to fill out the Check-MIG form for Colombia.

This form is designed to minimize contact at the border and to notify the Colombian government of how they can contact travelers if they need to do so.

It is still up to every traveler to make sure they have the necessary documentation to enter Colombia, or any other country they want to visit.

Short Wait Times at the Border

COVID-19 protocols have slowed down some border crossings significantly. When officials have to look at proof of COVID-19 test results, for instance, lines can get long.

Since Colombia does not have those requirements, their lines are shorter. Add that to the fact that many people still aren’t taking international trips, and lines may be even shorter than usual!

In fact, much of the time, travelers can simply walk through customs and immigration without having to wait very much at all.

Ecotourism Opportunities

Colombia offers vast amounts of unspoiled land, and ecotourism companies are beginning to take advantage of this. There are more and more ecotourist tours and spots every year.

Because of the civil war, much of Colombia is still unspoiled by tourists. Visitors can take advantage of that and enjoy responsible tourism that features many different landscapes.

Colombia also offers a wide variety of plants and animals, as well as eco zones to visit. There’s so much diversity in such a small area and tourists can see it all in a relatively short trip.

Relatively Few (Other) Tourists

Between being shut down for years and COVID-19, many travelers don’t realize what a gem Colombia is when it comes to destination travel.

Until more people discover it, Colombia will remain relatively untraveled and unspoiled. This means there are a minimum of “touristy” attractions and places.

It also means that tourists get a more authentic cultural experience.

Amazing Coffee

Three regions of Colombia, including Quindo (the most popular for tourists), make up the Coffee Region. Coffee beans are grown here, and coffee tourism is booming.

In addition to drinking amazing brew, these regions offer numerous options for foodies, too. Try delicious local cuisine or taste a Colombian take on numerous other types of food.

The area is full of adventures, too. Tourists can go zip lining, take a hot air balloon ride over the jungle, or even try their hand at rainforest mountain biking.

Astounding Street Art

Some of the cities in Colombia stopped punishing people for graffiti in 2011. The result is a vibrant street art scene that rivals anything you can find anywhere else in the world.

Artists, art lovers, and more will find something they love in Colombia’s street art scene.

Local artists - sometimes the same ones who make art in an area - often give tours of the best street art in a particular locale.

Taking a tour can help a visitor get a feel for street art. Afterwards, they can walk around on their own to discover even more!

The Colombian People

Colombians are welcoming and friendly, beyond what many tourists have experienced before. 

Many of them are more than happy to get to know travelers, and some may even invite visitors home for an authentic Colombian dining experience.

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