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What is a Visa on Arrival? Document Explained

If you are prepping for an international visit, you need to ensure that your passport is valid for a substantial time. Another critical step in your planned trip is securing a visa. A common option is a Visa on Arrival or VOA.

What is a Visa on Arrival?

The name says it all. You obtain a VOA once you arrive in a foreign country at your entry point, hence the synonym "border gate visa." It means that you may not need to apply for a traditional visa before travel.

visa on arrival

What Role Does a Visa on Entry Play?

Authorities must ensure that every national visiting their country is documented for proper border regulation. Besides, a visa on arrival will allow you to enter another country without waiting for visa approval before travel.

Some countries like Thailand require the traveler to apply online beforehand, then the VOA is issued upon arrival. The Egypt Visa on Arrival (select travelers) and the eVisa is available for its visitors.

If you plan for cross-country travel, your journey becomes more flexible as you won't have to visit each country's embassy before you travel.

Is Visa on Arrival A Card or A Form

What you receive once you apply for a VOA depends on your country of destination. In some countries, border officials will stamp your passport detailing the type of visa and entry date.

Other countries issue stickers on your passport.

How Do I Acquire a Visa on Arrival?

Once you arrive in your destined country, you will need to apply for the VOA at the point of entry, either an airport, port, or border point. Usually, the process involves filling in some paperwork.

What Documents Do I Require to Apply for A Visa on Arrival?

Visa application mainly depends on agreements between countries, but you need to prove that you fit the entry requirements to gain entry to your country of destination.

There are different visa rules in every country. However, critical documents when applying for a Visa on arrival include a passport with about a year-validity term, completed application form, health Insurance, hotel reservation, proof of solvency, proof of onward travel, and at least 3 recent passport-sized photos.

Caveats For Visas on Arrival

Since the VOA provides entry and temporary stay in a foreign country, you cannot reside in the country for long nor take up employment.

Also, check whether your country of destination offers VOA to avoid disappointments at the entry point. Some countries, require applicants to secure an approval letter from their embassy before entry, while others only offer online applications.

The fees and wait period vary with countries, mainly depending on the season and destination. Therefore, it's wise to have some cash and your complete paperwork to avoid delays at the entry point.

Can Visa on Arrival Application Be Rejected?

Yes. There's a risk of having your application rejected, although this is uncommon. Most visa on arrival application rejections occurs due to failure to meet entry requirements, suspicion, or incorrect application.

Nonetheless, border officers have the right to deny you entry even if you meet all the requirements.

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