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Travelers with Dual Citizenship

If you are a traveler with dual citizenship, it means you have numerous passport options to choose from. This makes international travel more interesting as every passport may have different powers.

travelers with dual citizenship

Henley's Passport Index ranks Japan's passport as the most powerful since holders can access most countries (193) visa-free. This means that you can access numerous countries visa-free with a Japanese passport than with, say, a U.S passport.

So, Which of My Passports Should I Use?

Use the passport that will make your visa application process and journey easier. The different visa and immigration policies in every country affect some nationalities differently from others.

One passport might grant you access to eVisas to destinations that the other does not. Therefore, it's always advisable to check the visa application requirements variance per country for the best travel option.

Remember to present your passport when you enter your destination country to get an entry visa card. 

Should I Travel with Both Passports?

Traveling with both passports allows you to take advantage of each document. One passport may provide better choices for travel than the other.

Besides, you may need to produce your passport to prove citizenship of a destination country or get approval to return home.

Can I Use One Passport to Enter a Country and Another to Exit?

Although rules may vary with international travel, travelers should show the same passport on entry and departure. The entry stamp and details will help determine whether you've overstayed your visa.

Some circumstances allow departure using a different passport, but this might confuse immigration officials as you try to reenter the country in the future.

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