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Should I Contact a Tourism Company in Colombia?

Whether you are planning a personal trip or a business excursion, arranging everything by yourself can be quite a daunting process. From booking your flight to getting a hotel, different tasks can exhaust you even before you start your travels. 

That is where the idea to hire a tourism company comes into the picture. Even when you are working on a budget, enlisting the services of these professionals can be worth the expense. With their offered comfort, convenience, and discounts, getting a tourism company/agency or travel guide for your trip becomes a no brainer.

But once you are ready to get a tourism company in Colombia for your needs, you have a slew of questions at hand. To help you get the answers and know where to hire a tourism company, here is a lowdown on the process. 

What Makes a Good Tourism Agency? 

A good tourism agency possesses various qualities that are all centered around meeting their clients’ requirements. In addition to the usual professionalism, punctuality, and timeliness of services, this also includes industry-specific traits that helps them shine through in the travel and tourism sector.

If you hire a tourism agency in Colombia with these qualities, you can reduce your chances of running into unwanted issues. This makes sure that your trip goes smoothly, no matter if it is a personal vacation or a business outing. 

When contacting a tourism agency, you need to look out for the following qualities.


When you go to a tourism agency, your biggest need is to seek answers for topics that are hard or time-consuming for you to research on your own. When your tourism agency possesses the knowledge of the industry, they can provide you with effective solutions and timely answers.

This also gives you the convenience of learning what kind of documentation you may need for a specific trip or what type of destination may deliver the experience that you want to have. You can judge this quality by directly having a conversation with the agent and determine their comfort with answering your questions.


Experience is one of the most important factors when hiring a tourism agency. This not only tells you that your tourism agency has seasoned relationships with important providers, but also ensures that they can smoothly handle various requirements due to their past experience.

Many tourism companies list their experience on their professional websites or profiles from the get go. This allows you to easily obtain this information even before you have contacted the respective agency. But if the details regarding experience are not available, you can specifically ask them about it. 


Regardless of the sector, it is the job of an agent to hold strong relationships with industry vendors. This helps clients access opportunities that would otherwise be inaccessible by them. This also holds true for a tourism agency, who need to have direct access to providers of services such as airlines, hotels, and tour experiences.

Many agencies proudly show off these connections on their websites or within their office locations. However, if you have some information about the destination, you can also ask specific questions regarding their connections with certain vendors. This helps you determine whether you will be treated with elevated luxury or significant discounts through your tourism agency. 

What Comes With Hiring a Local Company

When you hire a tourism company in Colombia, you can expect them to provide you with an array of solutions. This makes travel planning a breeze for you and your traveling party, while also giving you access to tried-and-tested tour packages that let you get the most out of your travels.

Once you hire a tourism company, you can enjoy the following perks through their services. 

Access to planned tour experiences and excursions through different packages.

Discounts on airfare, local experiences, as well as planned packages.

Management of restaurant reservations and shopping requirements.

Many tourism companies offer the basic set of services such as booking your tickets and accommodations. Whereas, others go a step further and handle your travel needs to the last detail. In order to understand the type of service that you are receiving, look at their list of solutions. This also helps you compare the value of their offering as compared to their competitors.

Best Way to Communicate 

There are various modes of communication that are used by these companies. These methods often establish direct contact through phone, email, or even live chat on their website. Many tourism companies offer 24/7 services, which also makes it easier for you to start a conversation at your own convenience.

It is also crucial to note that even though the native language in Colombia is Spanish, most of the tourism companies you contact will be able to speak English fluently.

While speaking over the phone with a tourism company is one of the fastest ways to alleviate your inquiries and determine their level of expertise, sometimes you may not want to hold a voice call. That is where you can turn to contacting them through WhatsApp. 

Since WhatsApp is a popular tool in Colombia, it can instantly connect you to many agents while giving you the comfort of establishing your communication through texts, calls, or even video calls. Due to this reason, many clients and agents prefer being contacted through WhatsApp. 

Which Tourism Companies Should You Contact?

Colombia has a slew of tourism companies in different cities. By going through the information regarding top tourism companies below, you can know where to start your search. From there, you can also contact additional tourism companies as you move forward with the searching process.


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