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Top Workation Destinations You Must Try

A word that is trending in the world of work, workation has managed to catch the imagination of the global workforce. As per a recent online survey conducted among international travelers, about 37% of them have planned a trip for work. Among Americans, the number is slightly above 42%.  

So, what is a workation? The new corporate lingo is a fusion between work and vacation. It is similar to employees working remotely, but from an exotic location. It is about mixing business with leisure, like taking a paid holiday where the employees are expected to ensure the continuity of work.     

The work arrangement can be a little less formal wherein the staff is allowed to take breaks during the working hours and engage in leisure activities. However, they are not taking a complete break from work.  

Post pandemic, a majority of the industry leaders are of the opinion that hybrid working models and hybrid workforce increase productivity and creativity.  This model also has its share of disadvantages.  

What are the advantages?  

Pandemic has helped most companies to set up systems to support the remote-working workforce. Now, there are a lot of platforms for the employees to communicate and collaborate with each other and what they need is a laptop and a good internet connection.  

Most of the staff are equally productive outside the office and the companies have realized that their employees need not be chained to their workstations to be creative. 

A change of scene and a break from the usual noise can make them more relaxed and rejuvenated. This will in turn result in better job satisfaction and loyalty. This can allow them to look at an issue in a different way and find better solutions.  

Some industries have their peak and non-peak periods as the demand for their products and services changes during the course of a year. Such businesses can maximize the productivity of the non-busy times by sending their employees on a working vacation. This will keep the staff super energized without affecting the overall performance of the company.   

A workation can also be useful for employees who are staying away from their families. They can spend some more time with their family.    

What are the disadvantages?  

The soul of a vacation is to rest and rewind after logging long hours at work and to have fun with people who are close to you.  

Workation can take away exactly that from a vacation. Not everyone can cope when their phone chimes with work notification while on a holiday at the beach.  

Employees may not be able to relax and rejuvenate and the anxiety of meeting deadlines and attending work meetings may overshadow their fun time.   

Working while on a vacation can be an efficient way to unwind if one makes the right choice. 

Employees can work from a beach, a hill station or a café provided they have good Wi-Fi. 

Various online studies suggest that a majority of the US workforce prefer to travel domestically for their workcations as they are peaceful and practical.  

Here is a list of some of the most popular workations in the US 

 1) Boone - North Carolina

Nestled amidst mountains and mist, Boone is serene and affordable, and just a few hours from North Carolina. The town has plenty of Wi-Fi hotspots for the public and that’s not all, there is a wide variety of condos, cabins and apartments to choose from. The place is also known for hiking, mountain biking and skiing and has good restaurants. The must-visit tourist attractions like Grandfather Mountain, Linville Falls, New River, and Elk Knob State Park can help rewind the body and soul.   

2) Golden - Colorado

A beautiful mountain city located in Colorado; Golden is perfect for workation. There is plenty to explore in Golden after working hours. Fast and affordable Wi-Fi is an added advantage. The town is located just a few hours from Denver and is the world’s largest beer producer.   

3) Miami - Florida

Beaches and outdoor activities are the highlight of Miami, a destination made for business combined with pleasure. Step out after the work meetings onto pristine white beaches and spend a few hours paddleboarding and unwinding. Affordable and cozy restaurants and cafes offer a lively environment to work.   

4) Naples - Florida   

Tropical Naples is a traveler’s paradise and is perfect for a productive workation. Though comparatively small, the town has a number of shopping avenues, golfing arenas and beaches. The town has plenty of places to explore and opportunities for outdoor activities. The wi-fi is also fast.   

5) Catskills - New York  

Catskills is a perfect weekend getaway for those working in New York. Just a hour’s drive from New York, picturesque Catskills is ideal for relaxing in the lap of nature. The resorts and other accommodation options are affordable and come with good Wi-Fi.    

Many more US cities and towns can be added to the list like Los Angeles, Carmel-by-the-Sea, Las Vegas, Chincoteague, San Francisco, Cincinnati, San Diego, Gatlinburg, and Chicago. Travelers can choose based on the work schedule and budget.  

Top Workation destination in Europe

Europe has many destinations suitable for workations. Here’s a list of some of the most preferred places among international travelers. 

1) Budapest, Hungary 

This city has been a favorite destination of travel enthusiasts for years. A perfect blend of modern luxuries and ancient monuments, Budapest offers plenty of outdoor activities. Hungary does not use the Euro currency and has many resorts, condos and apartments that are affordable. Work at a local café while enjoying local cuisine and culture. 

2) Rome, Italy 

Rome is laid back and magical, and has an internet speed of over 173, one of the fastest in the world. The mild climate, magnificent architecture and culture makes Rome a wonderful city to be on a working vacation. Most of the working hours can be spent outdoors in restaurants and under a patio. It can inspire creative thinking. 

3) Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is trendy and historical. Located on two different continents, the city is truly a boiling pot of various cultures. It is also affordable. It is definitely one of the best places to experience a perfect work leisure balance. The Turkey eVisa allows visitors to enter Turkey for tourism not work.

4) Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is one of the most-desired travel destinations and where travelers can experience the true essence of Central Europe. A walk to farmers’ markets after a hard day’s work can be rewarding. The city is also known for food and festivals and is a paradise for outdoorsy people who love to bike, hike and kayak. 

5) Krakow, Poland

One of the oldest cities in Europe, Krakow is famous for its picturesque cobblestone pathways, cafes, restaurants and local shops. The educational hub of Poland is also known for friendly people. Krakow is an ideal place to relax and rest, especially during summer.   

Workation Destinations in Canada  

Working vacation has been on the rise in Canada post pandemic. Here’s a list of places to go on a workation in Canada. See Canada visa types for any work visa opportunities.


Vancouver is for those who enjoy the great outdoors. Taking a stroll in the mornings can be a revitalizing way to begin a work day. This beautiful city in British Columbia also offers plenty of hiking and skiing destinations. Travelers can take a break to explore Grouse Mountain and to enjoy a swim at Kitsilano Beach.  


Victoria is best for summer workations. Travelers can take a tour of the Royal British Columbia Museum and learn about the country's rich heritage. They can rewind in the sprawling wineries and experience Victoria’s English heritage while sipping afternoon tea in the city’s cafes.  

3) Niagara Falls  

This iconic waterfall is the best place to relax in nature’s lap. Travelers can see the majestic falls from a helicopter or explore its splendor from below. There are many hiking trails nearby. This is ideal for a working holiday.  

4) Quebec City  

Experience Europe in Canada. Quebec offers the quintessential Parian experience with its freshly baked breads, cafes and cobbled pathways. This is a budget-friendly workation destination for those who love Europe.  

Top Workation Destinations in India  

Workation is a buzzword in India too. India’s Silicon Valley Bangalore and commercial capital Mumbai are surrounded by a number of tourist destinations ideal for a working vacation.  

1) Udaipur   

One of the best desert travel destinations in the world, Udaipur is an ideal workation for those who prefer everything royal. The capital of the erstwhile kingdom of Mewar, Udaipur has several historical monuments, lakes and palaces. Udaipur also comes with hotels and resorts with superfast Wi-Fi. A swim in blue lakes after a desert safari is totally refreshing and relaxing.  

2 Coorg   

Just a few hours’ drive from Bangalore, Coorg is snuggled amidst breathtaking valleys and misty mountains. Resorts cocooned in sprawling tea and coffee plantations offer affordable rates. The place also has several national parks and wildlife sanctuaries for tourists who wish to get to know India’s exotic wildlife. 

3 Alibaug

Alibaug is for beach lovers. It is a budget-friendly place to work and play for corporate staff working in Mumbai. Golden sand beaches surrounded by enchanting forts inspires creative minds. Experiencing the most stunning sunset after winding up a day’s work can be truly therapeutic.   

4 Shillong   

A tranquil hill station in the state Meghalaya, Shillong is nestled among pine forests and waterfalls. It is a great summer holiday destination. The place is also known to host many music and art festivals all year round. Winding up a long working day with some soul stirring folk music is definitely a dream workation. 

5 Goa  

The state of Goa is one of the most sought-after holiday destinations in the world and scores of international travelers visit its mesmerizing coast every year. After working hours, step out to enjoy Goan delicacies and go on a bike ride through its narrow streets shaded by lofty palms. An ideal working vacation to relax and rejuvenate.      

Tips to make workation work  

  • Plan in advance
  • Choose a place perfect for you
  • Log off when needed
  • Avoid distractions while working
  • Have a organized workspace
  • Ensure that there is good Wi-Fi

Anyone can take a workation provided the work is not hampered. Employees in certain industries like hospitality and healthcare and those engaged in blue collar professions may not be able to take a workation considering the nature of their job. 

The workation can be a win-win for everybody if they plan the work and leisure hours properly.   

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