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Relevance of Self-Declaration Forms Post-COVID

COVID-19 is here to leave a mark, a lot darker than your favorite coffee's stain. Whether it concerns the global economy, general outlook on life, or teachings about compassion and personal hygiene, the pandemic is here to leave no stone unturned. While the tiny thread of HOPE named Vaccine has got all of us swinging around the thought of things getting back to their normal self soon, the current situation still questions - Would they ever? Or maybe the question is, should they ever?

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When it comes to the destruction laid down by this ghastly pandemic, we all have suffered in one way or the other. But the industry that has taken the worst hit is the Travel & Hospitality Industry. Having said that, we cannot completely deny the fact that the black swan event has also contributed towards an increased individual and global responsibility in the form of self-declaration forms, and self-quarantines.

Let's talk in detail about what 'is', 'was', and, 'will be' of the situation mean for these trends globally.

The Onset of the Global Holocaust

By the end of a considerably favorable economic year 2019, the first case of the human contraction of coronavirus was reported in the city of Wuhan, China. As a result, a lot of countries started imposing travel bans on people travelling from China. When despite the preventive measures followed in the country, the virus continued to spread beyond national borders, and over 50+ countries imposed travel bans globally.                               

The Boomerang

Post-country-wide lockdown impositions in the world, things started to look better for people who just wanted to get out and make travel plans with their friends and family. And although most modes of transportation were opened up, tourist visa, tourist card, and air travel remained to be barred for public use.

Who knew even this relief was a short-lived one. It was in October of 2020 that the coronavirus returned bigger, worse, and faster. As the nations leaned towards the idea of a second lockdown, the travel industry swooned over job losses and deficits.

Present-Day Scenario

Although the highest number of cases were recently recorded in January 2021, more and more people are attracted to the trend of 'revenge travel'. This has proven to be quite beneficial for the travel & tourism industry but has led to a spike in the cases as well. To suppress this surge, more and more governmental organizations, schools, and corporate sectors are inducing preventive measures like frequent temperature checks, medical affirmations, and the most famous - self-declaration forms.

The Statistical Catch!

Of course, there's a catch. Even though almost all the nations have lifted air travel bans and national bans, there are still some formalities that need to be taken care of like self-declaration forms and self-quarantine to restrict the spread of the virus further.

It has been found that more than 76% of corona-inflicted patients have had at least one of the following system post 6 months of their recovery: difficulty in taste and smell (11%), muscle weakness (63%), hair loss (22%), difficulty sleeping (26%), and trouble with mobility (7%). This only strengthens the need to employ the above stated preventative measure more vigorously.

Relevance of Self-Declaration Forms

Coronavirus self-declaration forms are ones that have to be filled by individuals infected/non-infected with COVID to report their medical status. These forms are usually filled at airports during the time of travel/arrival to a different country to track the health status of the passengers and prevent further contamination.

The fields required to be filled are the temperature at the time of travel, history of cold, and cough, or a previous encounter with the deadly virus, people one has been in touch with etc. Currently, more than 8+ international flights have made filling up the self-attested form mandatory.

The Unsung Perks of Self-Declarations

It might seem like a bit of a task when you read about it but it can actually help you stay away from people who have not felt well recently. Coronavirus is said to be a prolonging disease with a high reoccurrence rate and a possibility of the post-COVID syndrome that can last up to 6 months since the contraction of the disease.

The lingering symptoms include:

  • Fatigue
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Joint pain
  • Chest pain
  • Brain fog, including an inability to concentrate and impaired memory
  • Loss of taste and/or smell
  • Sleep issues

It is also possible that individuals stay asymptomatic physically but still carry one or two symptoms post contraction. In this case, self-declaration forms can act as a guide and help protect millions of others from contracting the disease. The declared medical details of the individual can help organizations and government officials keep a track of all the possibilities occurring even in the future.

Attention Future Air Travelers!

It is to be noted that the arrival of anti-viral vaccines does not make the self-declaration forms any less relevant. To prevent any future wave of the pandemic, these forms are going to hold a lot of importance. And even if the virus is completely wiped out of the globe, these forms are a key to the future developments and discoveries in the science and healthcare department.

Since the process is mandatory for all, there are bound to be exceptional queues and waiting if you try and do that during your travel itself. Which is why you can fill up the self-declaration form online just like your tourist card requests or eVisa requests. You can even take the help of over 100+ popular apps that can organize the submissions and make the process less tedious and faster for you.

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