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Most Powerful Passports in 2021

While no nation has gotten its citizens in every country visa-free, Japan, Germany, and Singapore passport holders can visit more than 190 countries globally without a pre-departure approval or process.

most powerful passports

That's according to the Henley Passport Index 2021 final quarterly ranking. The index ranks countries based on the number of times a passport holder can enter another country visa-free.

First Most Powerful

Japan is retaining the first rank for the third consecutive time with 193 visa-free destinations for passport holders.


Singapore follows closely with 192 destinations.


South Korea and Germany tie at the third position with 191 destinations, while Luxembourg, Spain, and Italy make up countries with the fourth most powerful passport accessing 190 destinations.


Austria and Denmark passport holders can access 189 destinations becoming the fifth in the Henley's Index, followed by Netherlands, Sweden, Portugal, Ireland, and France with 188 destinations.


The U.S rose one step in 2021 to team up with the U.K, Switzerland, New Zealand, and Belgium at the fifth position, with passport holders accessing 185 countries.


The Cech Republic, Norway, Malta, and Greece passports are sixth with 186 visa-free destinations, followed by Canada and Australia with 185 countries.


Hungary's passport is tenth among the most powerful passports with 184 visa-free destinations.

Double Check Your Passport

You can check your passport's rank at the Henley Passport Index.

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