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Passports Issued by Finland

Passports are travel documents issued by a person’s home country. People from Finland will need to make sure they have one from their home government before they leave the country. 

It’s usually easy and straightforward to get a passport from the Finnish government. Once travelers have it in hand, they can travel the globe as a citizen of Finland.

What is a Finnish Passport?

The Finnish passport identifies the bearer as a citizen of Finland and gives certain relevant details about their identity, travel, and more and makes it accessible to other governments.

In certain cases, the passport from Finland can be used as identification, especially when other forms may not be available.

Having a Finnish passport will allow travelers to enter some countries without getting a visa first. They may be able to get one on arrival or get electronic approval (eVisa) to travel, too. A document that Finnish passport holders can get is the Egyptian eVisa. This document is relatively easy to get and doesn't require an embassy visit.

What Does a Finland Passport Look Like?

A passport issued by Finland is a small booklet with a reddish cover. The coat of arms of the country is emblazoned in the center of the passport. 

The booklet cover also contains words in Finnish identifying the document as a passport from Finland and Finland as part of the European Union.

The cover also has a small mark indicating the location of the biometric chip inside the passport.

When travelers open their passport, they will see a page that has their photograph on it, as well as their personal details like their name, date of birth, and more.

After that page will come a few pages with instructions on how the passport is to be used, etc. Travelers can read these official statements if they want to, though it is not required.

The bulk of the passport is made up of pages designed to be stamped when people travel. These should be kept blank until they are needed during a trip.

How Powerful is the FIN Passport?

Different organizations evaluate passport power differently. However, Finland’s passport is always near the top of the list. 

It currently permits visa-free access to 189 countries. Some of these ask Finish citizens to get an electronic travel authorization (eTA) before they travel or a visa on arrival.

However, this does make travel easy for people who hold a Finnish passport. Citizens can move freely about much of the world without having to worry about getting a visa before they leave.

Finland will be part of the ETIAS system in 2023.

What is Dual Citizenship?

A traveler who holds dual citizenship is a citizen of more than one country. Some places discourage this, but Finland allows its citizens to hold as many citizenships as they qualify for. 

This means that someone can hold a Finnish passport in addition to one or more passports from other countries. When in Finland, though, they will always be seen as a Finnish citizen.

People who have more than one passport can choose which one they want to use to enter different countries. They just need to always enter and leave a place on the same passport.

How to Get a Passport From Finland

It is easy to get a passport in Finland, though demand can mean that lines are long and citizens have to wait longer for the document to be issued.

Finnish citizens can either apply for their passport online or do so at a local police station. Some people may need to present documents at the station even if they complete the rest online.

There are photography studios in Finland that specialize in passport photos. People can have their pictures taken there and they will automatically be sent to the police station. 

The person will get a code that they can present at the station or enter in their online application that should connect them to their passport photo.

After they have a photo, the traveler can fill out the passport application form. They can specify when they need the passport and where they want to pick it up.

If they need to present themselves at the police station, the system will tell them at this time. If they need to do so, they can book an appointment online so they don’t have to wait so long.

When their passport is ready, the citizen will be notified and they can pick up their passport anytime.

Children who need a passport will almost always have to go to the police station to be identified formally. They will also need to show consent of all guardians before a passport will be issued.

How to Renew a FIN Passport

Most of the time, Finnish citizens simply apply for a new passport rather than renewing their old one. They may be asked to turn in their old passport, however, before they can get a new one.

This process is generally the same as applying for a new passport. If a Finnish citizen needs more information, they can contact their local police station or a Finnish embassy or consulate.

Different Types of Passports Issued by Finland

Finland offers a few different kinds of passports. Most of the time, people will get an ordinary passport. This is the standard travel document that allows citizens passage into other countries.

Fast-track passports can be issued if there are extenuating circumstances and someone to travel right away. These are usually issued by embassies and consulates to travelers in need.

Temporary passports are only valid for a short period of time, usually until the applicant can receive their ordinary passport.

Handwritten emergency passports are issued very rarely, for a one-way trip that must be completed immediately.

A variety of special passports are available, and the government will tell people who qualify what they need to do to get these. They are usually only good for a one-way trip.

Some veterans qualify for a one-year passport at a reduced fee. People who think they qualify for this should ask at their local police station or Finnish embassy abroad.

Finally, government officials can get diplomatic passports from Finland. People who qualify for these will usually be told that they do so.

Note that these passports can only be used while traveling on official business. Personal travel must occur on a different type of passport.

Validity Rules for Passports from Finland

In order to be valid, a Finnish passport must be intact. That means that it has not suffered damage, including liquid damage, tears, defacing, and more.

Citizens who are concerned about the status of their passport should take it to a police station for inspection before they travel. If the document will not work, they can apply for another one.

Most countries require passports issued by FIN to be valid for a minimum of six months past the date the person is entering the country. If it’s not, they should get a new document.

Finally, passports from Finland will need one or two blank pages for every country the traveler wants to visit. If these aren’t available, they should get a new document before leaving home.

Restrictions on Passports from Finland

Finland can choose to restrict a passport at any time. They  may do this if the bearer is accused of or convicted of certain crimes.

The crimes that can result in a passport restriction are subject to change. Passport bearers are responsible for knowing what these are before they travel.

They are also responsible for knowing their own passport status. If they try to travel on a revoked or restricted document, that is on them and they will reap consequences.

Other countries can put restrictions on Finnish passports, too. This can change based on world politics and pandemics.

Travelers need to be sure they have updated information about their passport and their travel destination before they leave Finland.

What To Do If a Finnish Passport if Lost or Stolen

If a Finnish passport is lost or stolen, the owner is required to report it as such as soon as they notice the problem. They can do this at a police station or an embassy/consulate.

There is also an electronic form they can use to report such a loss.

They will be asked to talk in detail about what happened to their passport, when they noticed it missing, and the circumstances around losing it. 

Once reported lost or missing, a passport is invalid and cannot be revalidated. Instead, the owner will need to reapply for a brand new passport.

Biometrics and the Passport from Finland

Passports issued by Finland include biometric data on their computer chip. This can include fingerprints, retinal scans, etc.

Both Finland and other countries can scan the passport to access this data and help ensure that travelers are who they say they are. 

The chips can also expedite border crossings, making travel easier and safer for everyone involved. 

If the chip gets damaged, the passport is considered invalid. Thus, it’s important to keep a passport from getting wet or smashed.

If the chip is damaged, it will not be scannable and the passport may not be usable. The owner will need to get a new passport before they can continue to travel. 

Finnish passports offer a chance to see the world. Citizens can get one today and take their trip soon, enjoying some of the many benefits of being from Finland.

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