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How To Stay Safe During COVID Times

Two rules that everyone in the world has adhered to since the pandemic broke out are wearing face-masks and sanitizing from time to time. It would be best if you did not stop sticking to these rules as they are the best protection you have once you are in public. Face-masks reduce the risk of inhaling breaths from potentially infected persons, and sanitizing your hands keep your hands clean after you might have touched infected surfaces. You should also avoid touching your face whenever you are out, most especially on a flight.

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Although before any flights can take off, every passenger will be tested to see if they put other passengers at risk, you still should not take chances. Be prepared and be armed with enough protection.

Keeping a Safe Distance Remains Important

Social distancing is probably going to be a social rule that humans have to obey over the next many years. Keeping a few feet between you and the next closest person to you is important when protecting yourself from contracting COVID-19. Maintain your distance – avoid physical contact or touch by every means possible.

Wear clothes that cover you up and once you get into your private space (your home or hotel room), take off the clothes and send them to the laundry to have them washed immediately. 

Try to Avoid Crowded Areas

The most difficult thing about a virus like COVID-19 is that controlling its spread is difficult. Controlling it is a collective effort from every individual, as everyone must be actively trying to protect themselves. So, when in public, say an airport, for instance, stay away from crowded areas. If you have to join a queue, make sure it is organized, and everyone is well-spaced out. Do not rush or get into physical tussles with other people. Be patient, keep your distance, and stay away from the crowd.

Protecting yourself is important, and only you can do it for yourself. So, if you don't have to go anywhere, stay at home. And if you step out, keep to yourself. Maintain ample distance from people and keep your hands away from your face.

Always Remain Vigilant During Your Travels

It is easy to get distracted when traveling because there are usually too many people and too many things to look at. But a moment of distraction can send someone bumping into you someone touching you accidentally. You cannot allow that to happen. So, when traveling, make sure you take note of everything happening in your surroundings. You should travel light too so that you can easily handle your luggage.

Move away if someone is moving close to you. Keep your facemask on at all times and have your hand sanitizer handy. When on queues, keep your distance from the next person, and if you have to touch anything, sanitize your hands immediately.

Traveling during this COVID-19 pandemic is quite scary, as no one can tell how soon it will be over. So, the best anyone can do to make sure they are well protected from getting exposed to the virus is to follow all the COVID-19 social distancing rules. Natvisa cares about your safety, and we will continue to put out information and updates on traveling during this pandemic.

Our focus is not just to help you secure your visa; we will also give you tips on staying safe and recommend the best practices for you to stay safe during your flights.

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