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High Rated Hotels in Colombia by Region

Travelers visiting Colombia will want to make sure that they have a great place to stay while they are in the country. Having good accommodations can make or break a trip. 

Here’s what travelers should know when they are considering which hotels to book. Taking care here should give them the best possible trip, no matter their purpose in visiting.

What Makes a Hotel Good vs. Bad?

Different travelers will want different things in a hotel. After all, different people have different purposes in traveling and need different amenities to feel good about their trip.

Some people will want to travel in the lap of luxury. They may want top mattresses, a 24-hour concierge or butler service, and the best food Colombia has to offer. 

Others might simply want a safe place to sleep at night so they can spend their days exploring the country. They might not care as much about luxury but still need to feel secure.

Below are a few things that travelers should consider to determine which hotels will be the best for them during their stay in Colombia.


Travelers will want hotels that give them access to the sites and other things that they want to see and experience while in Colombia.

For business travelers, a great hotel will be close to the places they need to go for their job. These may be different hotels than those that appeal to tourists.

Even different tourists want different hotels, though. Some may want to be close to the beach while others may prefer to be close to as many fine dining establishments as possible.

Every traveler should evaluate which hotels are nearest to the things they want and need to do in Colombia.


Some level of service is essential for every hotel. After all, everyone needs a clean room, some help checking in and out, and suggestions about where to go and what to eat.

Some people will want luxurious levels of service. They may want a butler, for instance, who handles everything up to and including making dinner reservations and arranging transportation.

Others may want less service. Many travelers prefer to go out and experience the culture for themselves, even if it is sometimes more difficult and awkward.

Travelers can get a sense of the service level that a particular hotel offers by reading reviews online or talking to other travelers.

However, the only way to know for sure whether a hotel offers any particular service is to ask them directly.


Every traveler wants to feel like their person and their personal belongings are safe while they are in a hotel. They want a door that locks and some will want a safe in their room.

Others may want access to a hotel safe, since these often use higher levels of security than in-room safes.

People will also want to know that their privacy will not be violated. They want to know that they can request that no one access their room, for instance.

Many visitors also care about digital safety. They want to be able to access wifi without wondering if their personal data will be breached.

People with concerns about security should look online for incidents at or around the hotels they are considering for their trip to Colombia.


Every traveler needs a hotel with some level of comfort. Whether that’s a basic bed so they don’t have to sleep on the floor or top-quality mattress, though, can differ between people.

Some people take vacations largely so they can experience a higher level of comfort than what they get at home. These people may prioritize little luxuries that mean a lot to them.

Other travelers simply want a bed that doesn’t hurt their backs so they can enjoy exploring Colombia every day. They may not care as much about the thread count of the sheets.

Travelers wanting or expecting a certain level of comfort should make sure they can get it from a hotel before they book a room there. They can look online or call ahead.

What Comes With a Stay at a Hotel in Colombia?

Hotels in Colombia should give visitors everything they need to be comfortable and secure while they are on the property.

Beyond that, though, different hotels will come with different things. Amenities at a hotel will depend on its location, price, and other factors.
Here are some things travelers should consider before booking a hotel in Colombia.

Common Hotel Amenities in Colombia

Hotels in Colombia often come with a variety of amenities.

Many travelers need wifi while they are visiting, and prefer if it is free or included in the price of their stay. They usually want air conditioning, as well, especially during the summer.

Travelers to Colombia, even business travelers, often prefer a hotel with a swimming pool and/or a jacuzzi. Some people won’t stay at a hotel without one.

Speaking of business travelers, they usually prefer accommodations with a business center, including things like a copier, fax machine, computer, and more. 

Travelers usually like hotels that have a restaurant and bar inside, though easy access to these can also be a perk.

Some travelers want a concierge and/or a butler service. These help them take care of the annoying details of a trip without having to figure these out themselves.

Travelers prefer access to safe water, whether through a dispenser or because hotel staff bring them bottled water every day. This often comes with fresh fruit and/or chocolate.

Some hotels offer a bottle of champagne or wine upon arrival, while others have free drinks every day during happy hour.

Travelers should shop around to make sure they find hotels with the amenities they need and want. This will make their trip to Colombia as amazing as it can possibly be.

Inclusive Hotels in Colombia

Some hotels in Colombia, especially those that are on the beach or that consider themselves to be resorts, will offer all-inclusive packages.

Guests who choose these packages will pay one price for their whole vacation. This usually includes dining, drinks (even alcoholic ones), and at least some activities at the property.

Note that some properties have additional restaurants that guests must pay to dine at. Others only offer top-shelf liquor for an additional price.

These prices may also include spa discounts, some tours and trips, and more. 

These packages are good for people who don’t plan to leave the hotel property during their stay and who aren’t traveling to see cultural and historical sites.           

How to Contact Hotels in Colombia

Many people hesitate to travel to countries like Colombia because they don’t speak Spanish. However, these travelers can rest easy!

Most people in Colombia, especially those in the hospitality industry, speak English in addition to Spanish. It may be accented but their grasp of the language is usually excellent.

Thus, travelers can email hotels or give them a call and not have to worry about being misunderstood. 

Some hotels have toll-free numbers for US customers, or US-based numbers so travelers don’t have to pay international fees to make a call.

A few hotels in Colombia have a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or WhatsApp. People can reach out via any of these networks to get the information they need.


Hotel Poblado Plaza

Phone: 57 604 6040872

Address: Carrera 43A 4 Sur-75 Av. El Poblado, Medellín 050022 Colombia

The Hotel Poblado Plaza sits in the heart of Medellin, Milla de Oro district. Travelers love the food and the prices at the in-house restaurant, and the staff are known for being welcoming and gregarious.

Novelty Suites Hotel

Phone: 57 604 3194000

Address: 57 604 6040872

Travelers love to stay in the El Poblado area and the Novelty Suites Hotel gives them a great home away from home. The employees are caring and they go out of their way to make everything, including the buffet breakfast, amazing.


Bogota Bed & Breakfast Inn

Phone: 57 321 4255924

Address: Calle 34 # 17 _ 01 Teusaquillo, Bogota 110911 Colombia

The rooms are cozy but a recent renovation means they are also modern and updated. Visitors will find themselves with a comfortable home away from home near a wide variety of museums and cultural centers.

La Colina Hotel Cottage

Phone: 57 601 6808647

Address: Calle 150 No. 78-46 Colinas de Suba / Colina Campestre, Bogotá 111156 Colombia

In northwest Bogota sits a set of old country cottages, and these house La Colina Hotel Cottage. Travelers will have beautiful views and a boutique experience. The hotel also focuses on caring for the environment and local culture.


Hotel Quadrifolio

Phone: 011 57 605 6646053

Address: Calle del Cuartel No 36-118 Historic Center, Cartagena 130001 Colombia

Experience the grandeur of an old, restored Spanish Colonial home at the Hotel Quadrifolio. Its central location means that guests can stay in and enjoy the pool or go out and see Cartagena and all it has to offer.

Sofia Hotel

Phone: 011 57 5 6517007

Address: Calle 32 No. 4-45 Plaza de la Aduana, Center, Cartagena 130001 Colombia

Located within the walled city in Cartagena, Sofia Hotel is close to museums, cultural attractions, dining, bars, clubs, and more. Friendly staff and comfortable, spacious rooms make this a top hotel for many who visit Cartagena regularly.


Hotel Boutique San Antonio

Phone: 57 2 5246364

Address: Calle 6 2 - 51, Cali 760044 Colombia

Located in the up and coming arts district called Cali, this hotel is close to galleries, coffee shops, restaurants, and more. It also provides easy access to the rest of Cali and the friendly staff make for a great stay.

Hotel El Penon

Phone: 011 57 316 2467609

Address: Calle 1a Oeste 2 - 61, Cali 760040 Colombia

Hotel El Penon is modern and minimalist, perfect for the sophisticated traveler who doesn’t like a lot of fuss. It’s comfortable enough to relax in and close enough to the city center to offer access to all of Cali.


BH Barranquilla

Phone: 57 314 3239365

Address: Carrera 57 No. 75-78 Barri Alto Prado, Barranquilla 080001 Colombia 

BH Barranquilla is close to some of the most popular places to visit in Barranquilla, as well as near some of the best tapas restaurants in the area. Visitors love the focus on comfort and the friendly staff.

Estelar En Alto Prado Hotel

Phone: 57 605 3360000

Address: Calle 76 No 56-29, Barranquilla Colombia 

Estelar En Alto Prado Hotel focuses on providing guests with everything they need to enjoy Barranquilla. It’s close to some top-quality mediterranean restaurants and to the majority of Barranquillas cultural sites.


Gran Hotel Ipiales

Phone: 57 2 7732131

Address: Carrera 5 21 - 100, Ipiales 524060 Colombia

Ipiales may be small, but it’s worth visiting on a trip to Colombia and the Gran Hotel Ipiales is one of the best places to stay there. It focuses on providing the basics at a high level, so guests are always comfortable.

Loft Hotel

Phone: 57 315 8078186

Address: Carrera 7 14 51, Ipiales 524061 Colombia

The Loft Hotel is close to the famous cathedral in Ipiales. It offers guests comfort in this small town, including a fitness center, a sauna, and an in-house restaurant that many love.


Estelar Recinto del Pensamiento Hotel

Phone: 57 606 8897072

Address: Kilometro 11 Via al Magdalena, Manizales Colombia 

This hotel offers comfortable indoor spaces and access to beautiful, scenic rural Colombia. It’s also close to the best attractions Manizales has to offer. Guests love the nature trails and hikes that let them see more of Colombia.

Hacienda Venecia Coffee Farm

Phone: 57 320 6365719

Address: Vereda El Rosario, Manizales 170009 Colombia

This is more than a hotel - it’s a coffee farm experience. Travelers can get both coffee and cocoa growing tours, stay in an old coffee pickers lodging house, and fully understand where Colombian coffee comes from.

San Andres

Hotel Casablanca

Phone: 57 8 5124115

Address: Av. Colombia with Av. Costa Rica No 3-59, San Andres Island 880060 Colombia 

Enjoy the island of San Andres from the comfort and privacy of the Hotel Casablanca. The hotel is right on the beach and within easy walking distance of restaurants, bars, and clubs.

Acantilado de la Tierra

Phone: 57 1 3104949

Address: I-01 # 1 a 99, San Andres, San Andres Island 880001 Colombia 

The views are great and the staff at Acantilado de la Tierra are happy to help travelers find the best places to visit during their stay. The rooms are more spacious than what many travelers find in Colombia, too.

Santa Marta

Placita Vieja Hotel Boutique Spa

Phone: 57 605 4395198

Address: Calle 10a 19 2A-09, Santa Marta, Santa Marta Municipality 470001 Colombia 

Enjoy boutique-level service, including a full mental and physical wellness spa. Travelers can also choose to spend their time on the beach of the Caribbean or visiting nearby historical and cultural sites.

Irotama Resort

Phone: 57 5 4380600

Address: KM 14 Via A Cienaga Bello Horizonte, Santa Marta, Santa Marta Municipality 470001 Colombia 

The Irotama Resort bumps the luxury level up a notch from what many travelers will find in Colombia. With tennis courts, a driving range, and an extended beach, there’s something for everyone to fall in love with.


Finca Campestre La Adelita B&B

Phone: 57 300 6519260

Address: Km 13 Via Armenia-Pereira Vereda El Roble Finca Campestre La Adelita B&B, Salento 631027 Colombia

Finca Campestre La Adelita B&B offers all the comforts that a hotel needs with the old-world feel of a coffee plantation. Enjoy a quiet stay with beautiful views, walking trails, and more.


Phone: 57 310 4425488

Address: Carrera 3 # 6-20, Salento Colombia

BetaHotel is brand new and focused on getting people outside. They connect to a wide variety of tours so travelers can find the trek, horseback tour, or mountain bike adventure that is right for them, then come back to a spacious, comfortable room when they’re done.

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