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Passports Issued by Egypt

Citizens of Egypt who want to take trips out of the country will need a passport from Egypt in order to do so.

Here’s what they need to know to understand this document and get the most out of using it.

What is a Passport From Egypt?

An EGY passport holder is a citizen of Egypt. The document itself proves this citizenship and helps travelers prove their identity if there are any questions while they are abroad. 

The Egypt passport comes with some rights, as well. Travelers will need to get an electronic travel authorization (ETA), visa, or eVisa when they travel, along with having their passport.

What Does a Passport From Egypt Look Like?

Egyptian passports are small, dark green squares. They have the words “Passport” and “Arab Republic of Egypt” in both English and Arabic on the front, along with the Egypt coat of arms.

Inside, Egypt passports have a page with the holder’s photograph and personal information, such as their full name and date of birth, among other details.

Other pages contain details about the legal use of the passport and any rights that the passport holder has.

After that, there are empty pages. These are where travelers get stamps and other permissions, like visas, to enter and leave countries that are not their own.

Passports from Egypt have 52 pages. The booklet opens on the right edge and pages are arranged in order and flipped from right to left.

How Powerful is an Egyptian Passport?

An Egyptian passport is more powerful than some passports and less powerful than others. Overall, it is rated 93rd out of the world’s passports in terms of its power.

Holders of a passport from Egypt can enter 51 countries around the world with an electronic visa or with visa-free arrival. They will need a visa to enter any other countries.

This list of countries is subject to change. Travelers will need to make sure they have the required documents for entering a country before they leave home.

They can find this information online or by calling an embassy or consulate of the country they want to visit.

How to Get a Passport From Egypt

People who want to get a passport from Egypt will need to show their Egyptian National ID card or, if they are below 16 years of age, their computerized birth certificate.

They may also need to pay a fee and supply 4 passport-sized photos of themselves.

Travelers need to submit all of these documents to the Ministry of Interior's Travel Documents, Immigration and Nationality Administration (TDINA).

Embassies and consulates overseas can only issue handwritten passports in a few types of emergency cases. Otherwise, they can only process applications and hand passports over.

All other passport applications will need to be forwarded to Egypt for issuance. Embassies can do this via fax, but the physical passport must still be sent from Egypt.

Once travelers get a passport from Egypt, it will usually be valid for 7 years. People who apply with a birth certificate will get a passport that is only valid for 1 year.

How to Renew a Passport From Egypt

In general, the process for renewing an Egyptian passport is the same as getting one for the first time.

The only exception is that some embassies and consulates may issue short-term passport extensions in certain cases.

These give the traveler enough time to complete their business overseas, then return to Egypt to renew their passport there. 

Travelers will also need to submit their current or expired passport when they request a renewal. Otherwise, their application will not be processed.

Biometrics and Egypt Passports

Egyptian passports are not currently biometric. This means they do not contain a computer chip that holds the traveler’s data.

This can make processing Egyptian passports slower on some occasions. If there is doubt as to the traveler’s identity or other problems, it can take longer to resolve them. 

While these kinds of delays are rare, travelers should be ready for them if they do come up.

Are There Restrictions on an Egypt Passport?

Some people who apply for passports from Egypt will not be able to get them. The government reserves the right to refuse a passport to anyone.

The exact standards that Egypt uses to determine who can and cannot get a passport are not publicly known. It’s assumed that some types of criminal activity can disqualify a person.

However, the exact nature of what is and is not permitted has not been published. Travelers with questions should ask them when they apply or before submitting their application.

Dual Citizenship for Egyptians

Having dual citizenship means that a person is a citizen of more than one country. Egypt permits dual citizenship for most people, as long as they have permission from the government.

Certain government officials, like the prime minister and the president, as well as their families, cannot hold citizenship anywhere other than Egypt.

People who hold dual citizenship can choose which one of their passports they want to use for any trip. They must enter and leave a country on the same passport, however.

Some passports may give easy passage into some countries, while others are better for other trips. Savvy travelers with dual citizenship will use the best passport for any given trip.

What to Do If an EG Passport is Lost or Stolen

Egyptian citizens whose passports get lost or stolen should first file a police report. They may need this to prove that their passport is actually missing.

Once they have a police report, they should take it to the nearest embassy or consulate. There, they will be told what they need to do to get a new passport.

The exact procedure will depend on a number of factors. If the traveler still has their Egyptian National ID card, for instance, the process will be easier than if that was stolen, too.

Travelers may need to get temporary documents, then return to Egypt to replace their passport. The specifics will depend on their specific situation.

Validity Rules for Egypt Passports

Travelers are required to know how long their passport is valid and to renew it before the deadline listed on it. They are almost always good for either 1 or 7 years. 

In order to enter many countries, Egyptian citizens will need at least 6 months of validity left on their passport. If they don’t have this, they should renew it before they travel. 

Some countries may require Egyptians to have either 1 or 2 empty pages in their passports. If they don’t have that, they will need to get a new passport before they travel.

Certain types of damage may render a passport from Egypt invalid so its important to keep the document optimal for travel.

The exact types or extent of damage is unknown, but border officials will usually inform people when they need to get a new passport.

Different Types of Egyptian Passports

There is very little information available on the types of passports available from Egypt. Most people believe that they have diplomatic passports for officials, as well as regular passports.

There may be other categories of Egyptian passports available. Travelers will need to make sure they have the right type of passport for their travel before they take a trip.

What Uses Does a Passport from Egypt Have?

In addition to helping people enter other countries and prove their Egyptian citizenship, the passport from Egypt can help citizens get help at embassies when they are traveling overseas.

Travelers will need to show their passport to get legal help, financial help, medical help, and other types of aid while they are traveling.  

Since Egyptian embassies are set up primarily to help travelers from Egypt, they will need to prove their origins before they can get the help they need.

A passport from Egypt can make world travel possible. Visitors should ensure that they have the correct documentation before they leave their home in Egypt.


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