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Brazil's Current Covid Situation

brazil covid situation
Do you know that Brazil is the second most affected country by Covid-19 in America? Yes, it is right. Brazil is suffering a record number of coronavirus cases and deaths every day.

Itshospitals are overcrowded, and patients are dying on the roads because of a lack of resources and timely treatment. In short, the entire health system of Brazil has collapsed now.

Dr. Miguel Nicolelis, professor of neuroscience at Duke University, said this horrific line describing the Covid-19 situation in Brazil:

"The country is in a nationwide hospital collapse right now - it's the first time in history the public health system has collapsed. If we can acquire the vaccine in large quantities, we could at least mitigate the situation."

The reason why Brazil reached this worst condition is the bad Covid-19 policy of Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro.

Keep reading the article, and we will tell you the current Brazil covid-19 situation statistically. Later on, we will discuss the Jair Bolsonaro Policy and the covid-19 vaccination program in Brazil.

Let us see Brazil's current Covid Situation now!

Brazil's Current Covid Situation

Brazil has been suffering Covid-19 outbreak for more than 12 months and has recorded almost 14,659,011 cases by the end of April 2021. The deadly coronavirus has killed nearly 403,781 Brazilian citizens till May 2021. The bad news is that the situation is still not under control, and the number of deaths are rising every passing day.

Brazil is currently recording more than 85,000 Covid-19 cases and 4500 deaths daily in April 2021. Furthermore, in the last few weeks, Brazil reported 11 percent of total covid-19 infections and 26.2% of Covid-19 deaths globally. All the above statistics are showing the vulnerabilities of coronavirus in Brazil. Additionally, the above figures are also representing the failure of the Brazilian government and health authorities in the management of the coronavirus situation.

Humberto Debit, virologist and researcher from the National Institute of Agricultural Technology states the situation is very bad and the amount of deaths are very high.

The situation is so bad that the neighborhoods of Brazil have sealed their border to prevent this Brazil variant from entering their country and harm them.

Jair Bolsonaro Policy

Jair Bolsonaro, the president of Brazil, is increasingly blamed for spreading the virus and creating this killing situation. The man didn't take the virus seriously and made jokes about it. The worst part is that this man ignores the recommendation of national lockdown by health officials, peddles unproven remedies, attacks the use of masks and ignores scientific theories.

He said that this virus is just the flu, and a national lockdown will make the poor poorer. Now, thousands of Brazilian's are dying daily because of Bolsonaro's flawed policy.

Today, after the spike of covid-19 infections and poor health situations, the government doesn't seem to have any effective plan to deal with a pandemic.

Vaccination Program

In August 2020, Brazil turned down the purchase of 70 million vaccines from Pfizer. But, now, the Brazilian government is taking vaccines seriously, and have imported millions of vaccines to vaccinate the citizens and protect them. By the end of April 29, almost 13,211,619 people have been totally vaccinated, and more than 28,778,338 people have taken one dose of the vaccine.

Bottom Line

Jair Bolsonaros's policy led Brazil to the worst covid-19 situation, and thousands of people are dying daily in Brazil because of this. You can go above and check the covid-19 status in Brazil and the role of Bolsonaros policy in the current situation to get a clear understanding of the matter.

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