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Australian Passport Explained | How to Get and Renewals

Citizens of Australia will need a passport from that country before they can visit other countries around the world. Without it, they cannot leave the country or enter anywhere else.

Travelers should make sure they have this document in hand well before they need to travel. Here’s what they need to know to get an AUS passport and use it well.

What is an Australian Passport?

A passport from Australia simply says that the person who owns the passport is a citizen of that country and has that country’s permission to travel abroad.

Holding an Australian passport may mean that the person can enter other countries without having to get a visa or that they are eligible to get a visa upon their arrival.

Australian passport holders are eligible for the Turkish eVisa.

Passports can also be used as official identification, if the need for that arises. They can be used this way both inside Australia and while visiting other countries around the world.

What Does an Australia Passport Look Like?

The Australian passport is a small booklet with pages inside. The initial pages have information about the traveler as well as their photo, though most of the pages are blank. 

These blank pages are designed to be used when the traveler wants to enter another country. If a visa is needed, it will be stamped on these pages.

If a visa is not needed, entry and exit stamps will be placed on these pages every time the person enters or leaves another country.

Most Australian passports have a blue cover, though Diplomatic, Official, and Emergency passports will be issued with different colored covers.

Passports from Australia also contain microchips. There is a small indication on the front of the passport that there is one of these inside.

How to Get a Passport From Australia

Adult citizens of Australia who need to get a new passport should start by gathering the necessary documents.

They will need proof of citizenship, proof of birthplace and gender, documents that show their current address and signature, and documentation of any name or gender change. 

They will also need two passport photographs of themselves, as well as someone who will guarantee their identity. 

Their guarantor must be someone who has known them long enough to know if the information on their passport application is true and accurate.

Once they have gathered these items, they will need to fill out and submit an application, along with the passport application fee. Then they will be notified when their passport is ready.

Travelers may have to make an appointment if there are questions about their passport application or any of their documentation. They will be notified if they need to do this.

People who are applying for a passport for their child will also need to gather paperwork. They will need a birth certificate for the child and evidence that the child is an AUS citizen.

They will also need proof of any name changes that have occurred, as well as forms indicating who has parental custody of the child. Finally, they need two passport photos of the child.

Children also need guarantors and then someone needs to fill out an application and submit it, along with paying the relevant fees.

Appointments may be necessary, and travelers will be notified if this is true in their situation. Children who are 16 or 17 must come along when their passport applications are submitted.

Getting an Australian passport for either an adult or a child overseas is very similar, except that the process must be completed through an AUS embassy or consulate office.

How to Renew an Aussie Passport

Renewing a passport from Australia is easier than applying for a new one. The entire process can be completed online or through an Australian embassy or consulate. 

In order to be eligible for renewal, passports need to meet certain conditions. They must have been issued when the bearer was at least 16 years old and after January 1, 2006.

The passport needs to contain the bearer’s current name, birth date, and gender, and must NOT have been reported lost, stolen, or missing in any way. 

Finally, when the passport was originally issued, it must have been issued for two years or more. Passports issued for shorter times are not renewable.

The online passport renewal process is easy and does not take most people very long. Applicants will need two passport photos of themselves as well as other documents.

These are the same documents required to apply for a passport the first time. Applicants should gather these before they fill out their application so the process goes as fast as possible.

Different Types of AUS Passports

Australia offers several different types of passports. The type a traveler gets is usually based on their identity, their job, their reason for travel, and their status with the AUS government. 

Most Aussie citizens will get ordinary passports. These are the standard travel documents for citizens of Australia and can be used to visit other countries and prove their identity.

Both Diplomatic and Official passports are used for people who have a certain standing in the Australian government or who are traveling for official reasons.

Note that holders of these passports may ONLY travel for official reasons on these passports. They will need to hold ordinary passports for all personal travel.

Issuance of these passports is highly controlled. Many people who are eligible will get them as part of their job and receive instruction about when to use them and when not to. 

Emergency passports are issued to citizens of AUS who are overseas and who need to travel urgently. If they cannot wait to get totally verified, they may be eligible for one of these.

Emergency passports are usually issued for 7 months, but may be valid for up to 12 months in certain circumstances.

Validity Rules for Passports from Australia

Australian passports are only valid for a certain amount of time, and that amount of time depends on a variety of factors. 

Ordinary passports are issued for 10 years for people 16 or older. Kids under 16 will get passports that are only valid for 5 years. 

Adults aged 75 or older can choose between a 5 or a 10-year passport, depending on their needs and travel status.

Diplomatic and official passports are only valid as long as the traveler holds a certain position in the government or travels on behalf of Australia on official government business.

Emergency passports have validity as outlined above, though specific situations may cause different valid periods for these documents.

In order to enter many countries, Australians will need at least 6 months of validity left on their passport. If they don’t have this, they will need to renew the passport before traveling.

Similarly, some countries require 1 or 2 blank pages in the passport. If the passport is mostly full, the citizen may need to get a new one before they visit these places.

What To Do If an Australia Passport is Lost or Stolen

If a passport from AUS is lost or stolen, it’s important to report it as such as soon as possible. Travelers within Australia can call 131 232.

Travelers outside AUS will need to contact their nearest embassy or consulate offices.

Lost and stolen passports are canceled immediately to reduce the risk of identity theft. Travelers replacing a lost or stolen passport are not eligible for renewal.

They must instead apply for a brand new passport. Travelers should therefore make absolutely sure that their passport is gone before they repsor it as such.

Travelers who have passports that are repeatedly lost or stolen may find that their future passports are issued with limited validity periods or refused.

Travelers who can prove that a passport was lost or stolen in circumstances beyond what they could control will not have those losses or thefts counted against them.

Biometrics and the Passport from Australia

All passports from Australia, except Emergency passports, contain microchips. These contain the holders’ information and can be scanned at any airport around the world.

These chips make border crossings faster, as some countries will simply scan the passport without taking an in-depth look at it.

These chips also make visa-free travel easier. When people don’t have to get a visa, the entire travel process is streamlined.

How Powerful is the AUS Passport?

Different organizations will report that the Australian passport has slightly different power when it comes to traveling the world.

However, the consensus is that it is one of the most powerful passports a traveler can hold. It currently allows visa-free access to 134 countries.

It allows travelers to get a visa on arrival, an eTA, or a visa online in 66 other countries. In fact, citizens of AUS only need a visa to visit 29 destinations around the globe.

What is Dual Citizenship?

Dual citizenship simply means that a person is a citizen of more than one country. Australia allows dual citizenship, though some other countries do not permit it.

Australian citizens who also hold citizenship elsewhere may hold more than one passport. They will always need to enter and leave a country on the same passport, without switching.

Restrictions on Passports Issued by Australia

Australia will restrict passports for reasons similar to those given by other countries around the world. They can change the status of a passport at any time.

For instance, travelers who don’t tell the truth on their application can have their passport revoked. Similarly, conviction for certain criminal offenses makes a passport invalid.

In addition, people with damaged passports will need to get a new passport before they can travel. 

Cuts and tears to the passport, an unreadable information page, pages that are falling out or have been removed, or marks on the passport all qualify as damage.

Travelers may need to take their Australian passport to a government official to have it examined. If it is too damaged, they will need to get a new one before they leave the country.

Once travelers understand what an Australian passport is and how to get it, it’s easy for them to obtain one and take international trips. They should be able to travel soon!

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