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Anguilla Closes Its Borders Temporarily

Update: Anguilla has opened its borders. Quarantine time has been reduced to 7 days for fully vaccinated visitors.

anguilla closes
There are no words to describe the beauty of Anguilla. It is an untouched tropical paradise without any commercial development, making it a fantastic Caribbean destination for tourists worldwide. Additionally, it has white sugary sandy beaches, surrounded by calm, clear, and electric blue sea that further add to its beauty. Therefore, tourists from all over the world come to Anguilla to enjoy this spectacular view.

But the bad news is that the Anguilla border is shut down due to the current pandemic situation till May 25, 2021. Therefore, the tourists cannot visit the sandy beaches of Anguilla surrounded by coconut palms and sea grape trees. So, you must find an alternative spot of Anguilla to make your vacations delightful.

Keep reading the article, and we will discuss the current lockdown situation and border shutdown in Anguilla. Furthermore, we will also tell you an alternative spot for Anguilla in Europe for a getaway this summer.

Let us go straight to the topic!

Border Shutdown in Anguilla

Due to the surge in covid-19 cases, Anguilla island is at 14 days government-mandated lockdown from April 22 to May 6. All the airports in Anguilla and ferry services that connect Anguilla to St. Martin are closed.

Travelers already staying in Anguilla are allowed to leave, but the incoming is totally restricted. All the tourists are limited in the hotel, and they cannot visit the restaurants and nearby places.

Tourists in Anguilla can only leave their hotel for medical care, vaccination, buying food or drinks, visit the pharmacy, or exercise for 90 minutes between 5 am. to 6 pm. Mask is mandatory for any type of visit for tourists.

However, the management contacted every tourist who has a reservation on these lockdown days and offered them to reschedule their visit to any other date or come to Anguilla on the exact dates in the next year.

Alternative Touring Spots in Europe

Let us see some alternative sandy beaches in Europe you can visit in place of Anguilla in the lockdown time.


Montenegro is a hidden gem in Europe with a rich history and culture. This country offers everything from steep mountains to dark forests and a wild karst landscape. Further, it has breathtaking beauty with gorgeous golden beaches and dramatic mountain landscapes. It's almost 295KM of the area is covered with beautiful beaches, and each beach beats the other with different eye-catching views, character, and feel. Therefore, we recommend you plan a tour to Montenegro to make your vacations memorable.

Valletta Malta

Valletta, the capital of Malta, is another fantastic touring place in Europe in alternate to Anguilla. Malta is considered one of the most beautiful places globally, and contains everything from white cliffs to rolling fields and desert landscapes to endless vineyards. There are different tourist attractions, including the silent city of Mdina, Popeye village, and the colorful port of Marsaxlokk.

Bottom Line

Anguilla is no doubt one of the most beautiful places due to its white sandy beaches. But, the current lockdown has restricted travelers from coming to Anguilla and enjoying this endless beauty. You can go above and check the tourist restrictions in Anguilla. Further, if you want to arrange a getaway in an alternative spot to Anguilla, we have also listed two breathtaking sites in Europe above for your ease.

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