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Australia ETA for Canadian Citizens

Australia has a lot to offer for travelers from Canada. Every year scores of Canadians visit Australia to explore its sunny beaches, great deserts, rainforests and enchanting wildlife. 

Like every foreigner, a Canadian needs proper authorization and identification documents to enter Australia. They must get an Australia ETA.

Here’s what Canadian citizens should know before traveling to Australia. 

Canadians Do Not Need an Australia Visa 

Citizens of Canada need legal permission from the Australian government to enter that country. However, they do not need a regular visa to visit the country for short-term stays for the purpose of tourism and business. 

They can apply for an Australia electronic travel authorization (ETA) instead.

The ETA is an electronically-recorded permission and replaces the visa label or stamp. This visa waiver also avoids usage of a physical application form.  

What is an Australian ETA for Canadians?

It is a visa waiver granted to Canadians and citizens of a few other foreign nations. They can travel for tourism including a cruise holiday and meet their family and friends in Australia.  This visa also allows the citizens of Canada to visit Australia for the purpose of business. 

The Australian ETA is a multiple entry authorization with a validity period of 12 months. However, the visitors can stay in the country for three months per entry.

They can also go on a cruise trip with the ETA. If the journey is a round trip cruise, the time spent on the ship will also be calculated as a part of the permitted stay in Australia. 

Make sure that the cruise does not exceed three months, the legal duration of stay authorized by the ETA. 

Canadians coming on this visa can also join training programs and short-term courses in various institutes in Australia. The duration of the program should not be more than 90 days. 

They are also not allowed to get training in the healthcare sector. For this, Canadian citizens have to apply for a visitor visa subclass 600 and undergo various health examinations at an approved medical facility.  

Australian ETA for Business 

Citizens of Canada can visit Australia for the purpose of business with an ETA. They can attend business meetings, seminars and conferences. 

However, they cannot participate in profitable activities and have to fund their trip all by themselves and cannot trade any service or product in the country or with its citizens. 

How Can Canadians Apply for the ETA

Currently, citizens of Canada can apply for this electronic travel authorization through the official mobile application launched by the Australian government in March 2022. 

They have to fill out the information and scan and upload their Canadian passport and other travel documents.

They cannot apply for the ETA online, through airlines or take the help of agents.      

How Fast is the Process?

In the majority of cases, the Australia ETA for Canadian citizens will be issued in a few minutes. 

In some circumstances, the application for the ETA may not be approved. There can be a number of reasons for this. They may be required to produce more information. Canadians with criminal convictions in any country cannot apply for the ETA irrespective of their nationality and citizenship.  

They have to opt for an Australia visitor visa subclass 600 and go through a character assessment by the Australian government officers. 

Before applying, Canadians should download the mobile application. It is advised to gather the scanned copies of their Canada passport and other travel documents before starting the process. One of the important documents is the proof of funds to support themselves during their short stay. 

The application process can be completed within minutes.

At present the ETA application is available only in English. Those applicants who find it difficult to understand the language can get help from friends or family members. 

Note that the Australia ETA is digitally connected to the applicants’ Canada passport. If the validity of the passport expires during the intended stay in Australia, the ETA validity too ends along with it. Make sure that the passport has enough validity, at least six months. 

Once the ETA is approved, they will get an email from the officers of Australian immigration with details like visa number, its validity period and conditions attached to it. 

In case the visa is rejected, they will receive a written communication from the officers specifying the reason and whether or not they can seek a review. 

If the ETA is rejected, Citizens of Canada can try to apply for a regular Australian visa and for this, they will have to approach an Australian embassy or consulate near to them.

Documents Needed for an Australian ETA 

Canadians have to submit the following details for getting an ETA 

Note that Citizens of Canada have to apply for the ETA when they are outside Australia and at present, they are not eligible for visa on arrival in the country. Only passport holders of New Zealand are entitled for visa on arrival in Australia. 

Canadians are also not eligible for eVisitor, another online visa waiver granted by the Australian government. 

The visa conditions mandate the visitors to bear the medical expenses during their vacation in Australia. So, it is important to get health and travel insurance before their trip.

They also need to prove that they do not have any active communicable diseases including tuberculosis to travel to Australia. Persons with communicable diseases are medically inadmissible to Australia.      

Validity of the AU ETA for Canada 

The Australian ETA is valid for 12 months. However, Canadians coming on the ETA can stay in the country for up to 90 days at a time. They can enter or leave the country multiple times during the validity period.  

This visa cannot be extended. Citizens of Canada who wish to extend their stay, want to join courses that are longer than three months or work in Australia should apply for another visa. Australian ETA does not serve this purpose. 

Once they land in Australia, Canadian travelers have to fill out an incoming passenger card wherein they have to enter their contact and other details. They are also required to inform the Australian authorities if there are any changes in the information submitted during their stay in that country. 

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