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Visa Types of Angola Explained | Visa Policy

Foreigners except Namibians need a visa to visit or remain in Angola. A visa is a formal authorization granted by the government of Angola for foreigners to come to the country for purposes like tourism, business, study and work. 

The type of visa that a foreigner needs to visit the country changes based on the purpose of the visit, duration of his/her stay and country of his/her origin.

The types of visas issued by the Angolan government can be divided into two broad groups – short-term visas and long-term visas. 

Foreigners arriving on a short-term visa like tourist and transit can stay only a short period (in most cases up to 30 days). Long-term visas are generally issued to foreigners who wish to stay in the country for a longer period for pursuing education or work. 

Short-Term Visas for Angola 

Foreign nationals who need to visit Angola for tourism, to attend a business meeting, participate in a cultural/sports event, undergo medical treatment or meet a family member should get a short-term visa. 

The maximum number of permitted stay for these visas vary from seven days to one month.

Generally, short-term visas do not allow a foreigner to engage in gainful activities in Angola and these visas also cannot be converted into permanent residency. 

An Angola Tourist Visa

The government of Angola issues a tourist visa for citizens of visa-required foreign countries. International travelers except those from visa-exempt nations need a tourist visa. Angola also grants a tourist visa on arrival to travelers from over 60 foreign countries. 

The visa must be used within 60 days of issuance. A tourist visa permits the traveler to stay in the country for a maximum period of 30 days.

This multiple-entry visa is extendable for 30 more days.

The validity of the visa is 120 days. 

A Transit Visa for Angola 

A transit visa is issued to travelers who plan to have a stopover in one of the Angolan airports before reaching their final destination. The visa must be used within 60 days of issuance. 

Most travelers do not need a transit visa if their stopover is less than 24 hours. If their layover is more than that they need a transit visa. 

They can stay in Angola on a transit visa for five days. The transit visa for Angola is not extendable and travelers can transit through the country’s territory for one or two times within its validity period.    

The Ordinary Visa for Angola 

An Angola ordinary visa is a short-term visa granted for foreigners to meet their family members in Angola.

The 30-day visa is issued only if a foreigner is able to provide an invitation from a resident of Angola. 

Foreigners arriving on this visa cannot travel outside the Luanda area. The visa is extendable for another period of 30 days.

They are not allowed to get paid employment in the country.

However, they can engage in tourism related activities and can attend business meetings, seminars and trade fairs.  

The Brief Duration Visa for Angola 

This visa is granted to foreigners who need to visit Angola because of an urgent occasion like a medical or business emergency. Foreigners who need to travel to Angola to participate in cultural activities can also apply for this visa. 

Foreigners arriving on an Angola brief duration visa can stay in the country for seven days.

Foreign nationals who need to arrive in Angola to collect their pre-approved work visa can also use this visa.    

Note that a foreigner applying for short-term visas for Angola must submit various documents such as a passport, flight tickets, yellow fever vaccination certificate, proof of economic solvency and proof of accommodation. They also are required to provide passport-size photographs. 

Only travelers from countries that are eligible for a tourist visa on arrival can apply for it online.

They will get a pre-entry visa that can be changed into a proper tourist visa at select airports in Angola. 

Foreigners from other nations must apply for Angolan short-term visas through an Angolan embassy or consulate. 

Long-Term Visas for Angola  

Long-term visas for Angola are granted to foreigners who wish to live in the country for a longer period for work and study. 

Angola Work Visa

A work visa for Angola is granted to foreigners who wish to work in the country. The visa is granted for the period of work and is extendable.

Most foreigners living in Angola on a work visa are eligible to apply for a temporary residency permit. 

However, the issuance of the temporary residency is based on the discretion of the Angolan government. 

They can also bring their spouse and children (on separate visas) to the country. 

Applicants for an Angola work visa must submit a letter of invitation from the company registered in the country, academic and professional certificates, their work contract, an approval letter from the country’s ministry of employment and other documents to prove identity and clear-character.     

Student Visa for Angola      

A student visa is granted for foreign students who wish to pursue education in Angola. The validity of the Angola student visa is for the duration of the course. 

Foreign students applying for a student visa for Angola must submit an invite/approval letter from the educational institutions or university.

They also submit a signed letter declaring that they will respect/ comply with the laws of the country.  

Foreign students are not allowed to work or do business in the country. However, they are permitted multiple entry to the country. They are also not allowed to apply for permanent residency. 

Apart from these visas the country also offers resident permits and residence visas.

Foreigners who claim residency in the country can get a residence visa. They can remain in the country for 120 days (extendable another 120 days) on this visa to know the official status of their residency permit. 

The country also offers a temporary residency permit and a permanent residency permit. 

Foreigner citizens with the temporary residency permit can stay in the country for up to three years. They can also get their visa extended after that. 

Permanent residency permit is granted for foreign citizens who have stayed in the country for more than ten years. 

Note that an Angola visa does not guarantee entry to the country. This depends on the discretion of Angola’s immigration officers at the port of entry. 

It is important for foreign nationals to carry proper documents while traveling to the country. They also have to answer the queries with honesty. If the officials found inaccuracies in the documents or in the answers, they can deny entry. 

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