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Albania Visa for Indian Citizens | eVisa and More

On the southern European Balkan Peninsula, there lies a little nation called the Republic of Albania. The country didn't open its doors to outsiders for the majority of the 20th century; instead, it was under communist rule until 1992, when it was liberated.

The number of visitors to Albania has begun to rise after the country's visa requirements were introduced. 

Albania is a candidate for membership in the European Union and has been on the list since 2014. However, this country has its own visa requirements for tourists since it hasn't formally joined the European Union (EU) yet. 

Despite this, they adhere closely to the Schengen regulations and have the same international treaties. 

Indian citizens may apply for Albania visa exemption, as from April 20, 2022, to December 31, 2022, Indians can enter Albania without a visa. They can also enter visa-free if they have a valid Schengen visa with multiple entries.

Depending on what passport the applicant holds, there are different travel restrictions for every trip. Indians can get a visa exemption that extends to stays of up to 90 days in 180 days.   

If an Indian tourist needs to stay longer than 90 days, it’s best to obtain a regular visa or an eVisa for Albania. Let’s examine Albania's visa requirements for Indians. 

Is There an Albania Visa for Indians? 

Citizens of India, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Thailand and Qatar can enter Albania without a visa for a brief stay with a valid passport from April 20 to December 31, 2022. This visa exemption extends to stays of up to 90 days in 180 days. 

Before an Indian citizen departs for Albania, they must apply for an Albania visa for Indians if they plan to stay for a long period. For this, the visitor must first fulfill the conditions set forth by the Republic of Albania. 

Documents Needed by Indian Visitors to Get Visa for Albania 

Certain mandatory documents are needed in accordance with Albania's regulations for Indian nationals seeking visas. Depending on the specific category of visa, Type A (airport transit visa), Type C (short stay visa), or Type D (long stay visa), additional paperwork can be required.  

The list of documents that an Indian national will need to have in order to submit a successful application is as follows: 

  • Passport with at least 1 blank page that is valid for at least six months after the date of entry into Albania
  • The applicant's picture should be of 47 mm x 36 mm dimension
  • Health Insurance
  • Request letter
  • Hotel reservations
  • Host's signature on the invitation
  • Proof of parental consent (if applicable)

It is advised to have the above documents in place as each of the specific visas (Type A, Type C, and Type D) requires additional documents. 

Where Can an Indian Visitor Apply for An Albanian Visa? 

Indians can't apply directly for a regular visa in India because there isn't an Albanian embassy or consulate there. Therefore, Indian tourists can opt for Albania eVisa or apply at an embassy that is geographically closest to them.

How Can Indian Travelers Apply for An Albanian visa?

There are numerous processes involved in applying for an Albanian electronic visa from India. For a regular visa, applications must be sent to the Albanian embassies in Beijing because at the moment, there is neither an embassy nor a consulate of Albania in India.

Before starting the application, Indian visitors must first make sure they are eligible to enter Albania with a specific sort of entry permission. Travelers from India can then carry on with the online application as follows:

First stage

For the online application process, the consul carries out the initial verification, which involves reviewing the application form and any attached documents.

If the application is accepted and meets all standards, a notification alerting the applicant that their application has been accepted and outlining the fee and other requirements is issued to them.

Indian tourists are notified of any irregularities in their applications and are then requested to file any necessary extra documents.

If the application does not satisfy all the standards, the applicant is notified that their request for a visa has been denied and given the necessary justification.

Second stage

The following steps are taken after the application has been approved by the consul and the necessary fee has been paid:

  • If the applicant's visa application is granted, the consul notifies them.
  • In the event that the applicant's request for a visa is denied, the consul sends them the customary rejection notice along with the appropriate justification.

Additional Information for Indian Travelers

  • A visa can be provided within 15 days of the application being accepted, though in rare circumstances it could take up to 30 days.
  • A statement from a parent or legal guardian of the youngster under the age of 18 indicating their approval for the trip is essential.
  • A visa does not ensure that an Indian visitor will be admitted to the Republic of Albania.
  • At the border crossing point, it may be necessary for Indian tourists arriving from the epidemic- or disease-affected regions to present the original international vaccination card.
  • Passports and ID cards (for the citizens of particular nations) are considered travel documents. Other travel documents cannot be used to apply for an eVisa.
  • According to law 79/2021 "On Foreigners," article 28(5), payment for the visa stamp and e-visa as well as the service are not refunded in the event that the visa stamp and e-visa are not issued.

Is There an Albania Business Visa for Indians?

It is an authorization that is given to those Indian applicants visiting the nation to participate in business-related events, including conferences, business meetings, symposiums, and more. 

Since it falls under the short-term C-type visa subcategory known as the “Commercial, Professional, and Business Purposes Visa”, its maximum stay period of 180 days is 90 days.

It outlines the details of the professional or commercial endeavors taking place in the country of destination and the goals of the visit of the Indian national.

Depending on the consul's choice, it may be offered as a single entry, double entry, or even multiple entry.

Holders of Non-ordinary Passports 

Additionally, Indian nationals with diplomatic or service passports are exempt from needing a visa to enter Albania. 

As India does not have a designated Albanian embassy or consulate at the moment, Indian nationals with diplomatic or service passports should get in touch with the diplomatic mission that is geographically closest to them. 

Where Can Indian Visitors Apply for an Albanian Visa? 

It is not possible to apply directly for a regular Albanian visa in India because there isn't an Albanian embassy at the moment. Hence, getting an Albania eVisa is a better alternative for Indian tourists.

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